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BOOK CLAIMED: Career Crunch!

Title: Career Crunch: The 25 year career vs the 100 year life

Author: Helen Hallpike

Description: Careers are shortening and lives are lengthening - how can we keep our careers going as long as we do? This book takes a wry, detatched look at the global, commercial and demographic forces driving our emerging career patterns and proposes what we should do now.

This book has now been claimed. Check back here for our member's review soon. There are still plenty of other books up for grabs - head to the book group homepage to view them.

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Where would the book review

Lilac1 | | Permalink

Where would the book review be for this book or is it not up yet? It seems like a book I would be interested in reading but if there's a review going I'd like to read that first.

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