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BOOK CLAIMED: Clever: Leading your smarted, most creative people

Publisher: Harvard Business Press

Authors: Rob Goffe and Gareth Jones

Description:The knowledge economy isn't coming - it's here. Your business and your career increasingly depend on smart ideas dreamed up by smart people. In fact, research shows that a handful of star performers create dispoportionate amounts of value for their organisations. They aren't defined by their IQ or their academic credentials. And they aren't 'free agent' types who create value on their own. Rather, they are highly talented, extraordinary thinkers who need their organisation's commercial and financial resources to fulfil their potential.


Through vivid, real-world stories, this book reveals the secrets to getting the most from these clever people, including how to:

  • Tell them what to do - not how to do it
  • Earn their respect with your expertise - not your job title

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