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AccountingWEB navigation tips and advice for users

Richard Willis has started a really good thread in Any Answers about the best way to paste links into AccountingWEB.

Even for people working on the site, this can take some getting used to, so it has proved to be a very useful exercise that we would like to expand in this group.

While our Drupal content management system is very powerful and flexible it does have a lot of quirks and niggles that take some getting used to. Some of these are hardwired into the base system. Where we cannot change a feature, it would help to know which ones cause you them most trouble, and how you or other members work around them.

Once we've identified the worst culprits, we'll compile your advice into a user reference guide a bit like the one we did several years back on Excel navigation tips.

I'm looking forward to working with everyone here to make the user experience a little more enjoyable.

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