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Am I being thick?

Where are the articles? There are a selection of articles on the front page within each section, presumably [unhelpfully] selected by number of times read, but I cannot see several articles [in the tax section] that I am sure were there under the old format.

Am I just missing the button to go to an article list, or do I have to guess that an article may exist and search for it?




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yes I must be thick, just cannot get anywhere on this site, it was all so easy before but I just don't have the time to work this all out - perhaps someone will post an 'idiots' guide' (assuming I'm not the only one) or I will never be able to find answers to my queries or pick up new information again

I know it's progress but why do people have to mess about wirth things that work?

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The list of items on the home page are displayed newest first. There are now more links on the bottom of the menu pages plus a hugely improved search.

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Members' names missing?

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I'm sure that we'll all get used to the new-look website and that, once any initial teething problems have been resolved, we'll notice a number of improvements.

In the meantime I note that members' names do not appear to be shown for anyone who posts a question or responds to "Any Answers". Similarly the details of those who comment on articles also appear to be missing.

I would be grateful if you would confirm whether this anonymity is deliberate or just a temporary "blip".

Many thanks.


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They'll be back

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We removed the names temporarily while we addressed the need for members to be able to comment anonymously if the choose.

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