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Annoyed I have to log in

On the old site, I could read the articles and needed to log in only when I wanted to post a comment etc.

Why do I need to log in to read articles on new site - its aggrivating/time consuming.

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Gina Dyer | | Permalink

I understand your frustration as I have to log in every time I use it too! Your browser should offer you a 'remember me' option so that it logs in automatically for you (mine did). Which version of Windows are you using?

You may have changed but I have not

petermalins | | Permalink

I am using the same version of windows and the same browser after the website change as before the website change.

XP (SP3) & Firefox 3.0.11

It has the cookie for accountingweb

I have my firefox setup not to accept third party cookies and I have noscript running but I have made no changes to these settings for quite some time.

So I am bemused.

I will delete the cookie and reload the site to see if that clears the problem.

Deleting the original cookie worked

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Deleting the cookie appears to have solved login problem

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Great news

Becky Midgley | | Permalink

Thanks for letting us know, Peter.

All the best

log in

Anonymous | | Permalink

The new log in procedure is the most user unfriendly system that you could have come up with. Is the idea to stop people reading the articles? It certainly feels like it.

Remeber Password

m.wardle2 | | Permalink

My system is set up to remember passwords but the problem is that it remembers the password for a particular page. When you click a link to an article it takes you to that specific page which of course the cookie does not apply to.

I presume the way the new site and the old site handled this point has changed? The old site would take you to the standard log in page and you were then forwarded to your original destination whereas the new site asks for log in details on a different page each time (ie the article page).

Really basic stuff I would imagine for anyone who builds sites so really strange to see such a basic failing on presumably a well established site.

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This is very strange

RebeccaBenneyworth | | Permalink

I seemed to have these sorts of problems on the old site but not on the new one. I'm sure the tech team will comment but you might try clearing the cookie and logging in again. I can certainly view articles without logging in all the time, and my username is as a member not an internal one.


Anonymous | | Permalink

Perhaps updating your browser to the latest version might help - worth a try at least.

Tried with latest IE and FireFox

m.wardle2 | | Permalink

Have not changed any settings in either, used to work, now doesn't. Same goes for all I share an office with... making AW look less appealing until it is sorted out!

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