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Any Answers posting mechanism & synopsis line

One of our users has raised this issue in Any Answers, asking, Who else thinks the synopsis line is a waste of time?

At least three people have commented to support the statement, so we'll be taking a look at the posting mechanism to see what's possible. While we are doing so, are there any other aspects of the Any Answers process that you'd like to see improved?

For example, does the default to notify you if someone responds the correct setting? And is it pretty obvious when you get an email notification what it's about? Any other pointers will be appreciated and included in our review.

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Ability to display "Anonymous" name

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

I'm posting this on behalf of a member who mentioned how confusing it can get when several people post answers anonymously - how do you know which "Anonymous" to reply to.

Following these comments, we'll also check into the possibility of allowing a bit of name customisation within Any Answers - although the main issue we've been facing of late has been the number of people who use the cloak of anonymity to make unpleasant comments. Further comments welcomed on this point too.

not only unpleasant comments

Anonymous | | Permalink

sometimes we are only 90% sure of an being correct.

My comments are never knowingly unpleasant



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Email notification

RogerNeale | | Permalink

Hi John,

The default to notify is fine for me,  the only problem I have with the email notification is that it doesn't give enough information. I would like to see the full posting in the email so I don't have to click anything to read it.

Perhaps you could consider a profile option to allow users to select :-

  1. Whether they wish to be notified Yes/No
  2. If Yes to previous, would you like full text of postings or heading only ?
  3. If full text, would you like to include original posting?


Roger Neale

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