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Budget feedback

Hi everybody,

Here at AWeb towers, we're recovering from the Budget frenzy of the past few days and are looking for you feedback on our coverage.

For all the military-style planning that went into Wednesday afternoon and subsequent days' coverage, our traffic only increased around 15% on the day compared to 40% in previous years. Was that because we weren't hitting the topics you wanted to find out about quickly enough, or were members just bored and disillioned with the whole charade?

There was one nice pay-off for all the hard work that went into the coverage  - during BBC technology correspondent Rory Cllelland Jones' round-up of the internet buzz around the budget, one of our tweets showed up on screen:

BBC broadcasts AccuontingWEB Budget tweet


But as many members will be aware, it really was a minimalist piece of political theatre and apart from essentials, most of the measures contained in the Budget Notes are due to be introduced after the election - and what odds can we currently get for Labour getting re-elected?

Since both main parties appear to be set on introducing a new Budget and Finance Bill after the election, we are looking ahead to what we can do better next time, and for this we need your help.

Please could you let us know what was effective for you in our Budget coverage and what didn't work. We took a very old fashioned, journalistic approach of assessing the probables and possibles and preparing to do quick summary articles as soon as we could get our hands on the paperwork. Which matters more to you - speed of response or depth of technical detail?

Also, looking forward (sic) to a post-election Budget, I'm wondering if there's scope for more community involvement in the coverage. Would anyone out there like to be a Budget expert for a day and pick up a topic that you could investigate and explain for the rest of the community?

Let us know your overall throughs, and if there is enough interest, we'll set up a separate Budget 2010 discussion group to prepare for the next one. There's likely to be a little more substance to it, which would make it more important to gather and distribute accurate information about any new measures.

Looking forward to hearing your views.

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