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Can AccountingWEB do more for student accountants?

Many, many years ago, AccountingWEB created and built a StudentZone. During our earlier years, it was difficult to sustain the effort to keep the section going and it fell by the wayside.

I've been lobbying to revive the concept for a while, but would like to know if there is an existing audience within the community for anything we might do in this area. It would probably start with an overview of the different bodies and their qualification requirements, and then develop content based around the different syllabuses (syllabii?). There would also be room for news, gossip and a dedicated a dedicated area where students can come to pick the brains of experienced accountants (and other students).

If you are a student at the moment, please let us know that you're on the site - and why. We'd particularly welcome any suggestions on what kind of information and assistance you would get the most from if AccountingWEB were to revive its StudentZone.

If you have qualified in the past few years, we'd welcome your suggestions too - and any other ideas that might feed into more CPD-related material (but that's probably a different conversation).



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must you?

carnmores | | Permalink

if you do can you ensure that we dont get a plethora of exam questions in any answers - a distinct eam any answres section would be acceptable 

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No problem with students asking questions

GaryMc | | Permalink

I don't have any issues with students asking questions (I did it myself way back in 2001) provided they have had a go themselves.  They might have the wrong end of the stick and need pointing in the right direction or they may just need a 'Yes thats it'.

If the posting is 'I am trying to work out the tax due in this situation...  I think it is this because' then I don't see why we shouldn't be able to help out.

Just posting the question and expecting us to do the work is where it becomes cheeky.

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