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Cant load site with Internet Explorer 7

My default browser is IE 7 but the new site appears in a really strange format. I also have Mozilla and the site loads ok in that. However I prefer IE. Any suggestions as to why this might be the case? I have looked at Options and there is nothing obvious.

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Same here

tellingd | | Permalink

Page doesn't load properly with IE7 and IE8 - looks better in Firefox. Can't believe the new site hasn't been roadtested!

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Could you give more detail

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We tested on a variety of browsers. I am on IE7 and it display ok. What is happening when you try to load the site?

Steve Roth
Managing Editor,

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You fixed it!

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Seems to be working now - before everything was in a vertical list (tried on two machines in the office) but now looks more like a website, if that makes sense.

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