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CEO's Diary .....

Following both a change in job and a holiday I haven't logged in to AWeb since the Great Migration ...... but now I have, I have a question about the CEO's Diary - one part of AWeb which I have previously read almost every day.

What has happened to the history???

On the "old" site it was possible to go back to day one, when the CEO first started as FD. And that could be quite useful, particularly in relation to some of the more itinerand characters who popped up in the diary less frequently.

Is all that stuff still on the site, and I just haven't been able to find it? Or has it been "purged" during the migration .....?

On the site as a whole - I have to admit to being underwhelmed. In common with many of the other comments I've read, I do feel that it's been "change for changes sake", and that much of the functionality of the old site has been sacrificed to the style of the new.




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... a typo, and no (obvious) way to correct it .....

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CEO's Diary

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All of the old CEO's Diary posts should still be accessible on the site via the search facility, although they don't all appear on his blog homepage at the moment. There was an awful lot of material to transfer, so while it is accessible on the site, we might not have had a chance to put it into the appropriate section yet.

When it comes to editing posts, you should have an option that says 'edit' at the bottom of the comment box.

I'm sorry to hear you're not keen on the new site, but I can assure you it wasn't change for change's sake. The site hadn't been redesigned for ten years and nothing can stay the same forever. The updated site offers a range of new functionalities such as the opportunity to post your own blogs and discussion groups, and upgraded facilities for handling audio and video content (and so much more) that I'm sure will be a benefit going forward.

Nevertheless, we are listening to members' views and are trying to use the feedback to constructively improve the site as we go along, based on how you're all using it.

Kind regards,
Gina Dyer
Deputy editor


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Thanks for the reply, Gina.

I'm sure there's a lot of stuff to be found in the new site ..... but as my wife would tell you, I'm a typical man - don't want to read the instruction book, just jump straight in and play with things, then get frustrated because I can't work it out .....!

And as for the changes - well, us accountants are a notoriously conservative bunch. Or so my friends tell me .....

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Hi Paul

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Thanks for your message. All perfectly understandable. It does take time to get used to new things and hopefully this will be a grower!

Just to let you know, our tech guys have added a link at the bottom of the blog page that says 'older entries', so if you go the CEO's Diary page and scoll to the bottom, you'll be able to click back to find past entries. I hope that helps.

Thanks again!

Paul Gittins | | Permalink

That's really helpful, Gina - thanks for the prompt action.

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