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Date format

The date format for an any answer thread is now yyyy-mm-dd. I'd prefer dd/mm/yy, which is what it is for the responses. My powers of observation are not great, but I think that the date format has only just changed. Is there any reason for this?

Kind regards


PS glad to see the clock is now right again.

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Hello Shirley

Gina Dyer | | Permalink

Just to let you know, I have asked our tech team about this and I'm waiting for a reply. I will let you know as soon as I hear back from them.

Kind regards,

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Date order

Becky Midgley | | Permalink

The date order appears to be as requested - please can you confirm it has updated for you, Shirley?

Still 2009-08-01

Shirley Martin | | Permalink

The date shows as yyyy-mm-dd at the Any Answers level. It shows differently when you go into the post.

So my original post shows as

Date format (Subject)

and then

2009-08-01 08:00 - 20 reads - 2 comments

This means that when you first go and look at the list of Any Answers questions, it's a bit hard to see which questions have been asked in, say, the last couple of days, because their dates all start with 2009-08.

Hope this is a bit clearer.

Kind regards


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Not that one vote should count, but ...

nogammonsinanun... | | Permalink

... personally I am in favour of yyyy-mm-dd.

I guess it is all down to what you are used to.  In our office we standardise on yyyy-mm-dd where used in file names and folder names, so that when you sort files and folders by name it automatically sorts also by date.  Having got used to that, it gets refreshing to see others using it.

Not that it is a big issue for me.

With kind regards

Clint Westwood

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