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Demand for a finance manager's eBulletin?

There may be a perception that caters mainly for practitioners, but more than 55% of our members work in business. To give them better access to relevant discussions and articles, we are considering starting up a fortnightly ebulletin to these members - alternating with the Practice Management eBulletin that we send every other week.

How interested would you (or even your clients) ben in receiving such an email?

And perhaps more importantly, what topics do you think it should cover? While we're in the planning phases, the editorial team will be looking around for content and contributors to ensure that we hit the ground running when the business digest arrives. Some of the things we plan to cover are:

  • Finding & raising finance
  • Finance department management (eg cash and credit control)
  • Corporate tax
  • KPIs, strategy and business performance management
  • Management reporting tools & techniques (including Excel tutorials)
  • Employment law and HR issues
  • Management trends and theories

Have we missed anything out, or are there specific business-related articles that you would like to see on AccountingWEB? We're in the planning phase now and hope to move quickly. As always, however, we will be guided by your advice and suggestions.

If you would like to be added to the circulation list, please post a comment here to that effect and we'll add you to the circulation list.

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Interim FDs

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Hi John

If you proceed you'll find plenty of ideas for topics and even some content possibly available through organisations like the FD Centre.



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