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eBulletin archive: Your wish is our command

On Monday afternoon our member services Czar Ed Martin brought us a query asking what had happened to the archive page where we used to store copies of our email bulletins on the old version of the site.

The page had previously been useful for this member, but was one of those minor details that got overlooked when we moved the entire site to a new content management system.

One benefit of the overhaul is that it is a little easier to introduce new facilities. We sent over a speculative note to our production team asking if it was feasible in some way to repackage our bulletins on the site once they are mailed out.

Twenty-three minutes later, and roughly two hours from when the request came in, the AccountingWEB.co.uk email bulletin archive page made its debut on the site. Many thanks to Joe and his crew - and to the member for a very useful suggestion.

We can’t promise that every request that comes in can be fulfilled as quickly as this, but we always assume that if one member has bothered to make a constructive comment to us, there are probably 10 others who feel the same way.

So if you’ve got any other ideas or suggestions, please let us know here, in a separate thread in the AccountingWEB feedback discussion group or by email to either member-services or editor[AT]accountingweb.co.uk.

AccountingWEB members aren’t the only ones to benefit from such enhancements. I’ve already visited the ebulletin archive several times this week.

I just wish we’d got the suggestion before Christmas, when we were putting together those Best of 2009 and Quotes of the Year pages!

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Archive page

RogerNeale | | Permalink

Happy New Year John,

It sounds like that suggestion  might be a candidate for the prize for 2010 :-)


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Aw shucks!

Becky Midgley | | Permalink

Happy new year to you too, Roger and thanks for taking the time to comment.

I'm so proud of our team sometimes, this is one of those occasions!

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