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Is it possible.. block posts made by certain users?

By that I mean if someone decided they didin't want to see any posts made by me (for example) they could add my user name to a blocked list and when viewing the forum they would be spared from seeing any posts I made.

I've seen this function on some forums and it does seem to be a useful function and may stop some of the falling out we notice in some threads.


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Blocking other users' comments

Moonbeam | | Permalink

I think this is an excellent idea, but have a feeling that the programming might be too cumbersome.

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We'll look into it, but...

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

I think Moonbeam may be on the right track with this answer. Our Drupal platform is an open source toolkit that comes in a "vanilla" package to which you can add all sorts of tools and things. So while it may be theoretically possible, there's a processing and site management overhead that makes our techical team nervous if we try to customise it too much.

That said, our head of technology has been looking at enhancement possibilities. For the short term, we'll raise your suggestion with him, but be prepared for a "wait until the next upgrade" answer.

That said, while you may be able to filter out the irritants, it might make some of the threads a little confusing if you remove 2-3 of the main participants...

sorry to have taken so long to respond - it's a useful suggestion.

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Richard Willis | | Permalink

On Facebook one can 'Hide' posts from anyone that you don't wish to see.  In addition to the ability to simply delete people from one's friends list this can be used to stop posts from irritating friends of friends.

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Yes, but ...

Euan MacLennan | | Permalink

Blocking only one user's contributions might well make a nonsense of the thread.

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