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Order of responses

A number of members have asked for the responses to articles and Any Answers to be sorted in reverse date order - that is the newest responses at the top rather than the bottom of the item. This is the way that the responses were ordered on the old site.

A long term fix will be to link your preference for response order to your profile, which will take some time to develop, but as a temporary solution we could provide a button to reverse the order of responses. Members will unfortunately have to click to reorder responses every time they read an article, so this may not be a welcome solution.

What do members think?



Anonymous | | Permalink

Please can we keep it as it is.
It seems to flow so much better in the reading this way.

I prefer the oldest tones at the top

chatman | | Permalink

I prefer the oldest tones at the top

RogerNeale's picture

Latest at the top

RogerNeale | | Permalink

I much prefer to have the latest post at the top, that way theres no need to scroll to the bottom to read the latest one.

Of course, that assumes that there are going to be lots of responses to a post. Judging by recent responses, I think a lot of folk have decided not to bother because they don't like the new design.

The other thing I'd like is, when replying to a post, the ability to see the post you are replying to while you're typing your reply.
At the moment, when you click the reply button, all you get is the original post displayed underneath your reply. When in actual fact you may not be replying to the original but to a response to the original, if you see what I mean.

Latest on top please

Anonymous | | Permalink

Latest on top makes it easier to keep up to date with recently added comments.

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Gina Dyer | | Permalink

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your responses. We understand that different members have different preferences and therefore we are trying to come up with a method that allows each user to choose which way they want to view it.

What Rebecca was saying was that at the moment we can offer a button that allows you to select which way you want to view it, but if we add this button now you would have to click it every time you read an article. Is this acceptable in the short term?

Or would you rather we leave it as it is until we are able to offer a more permanent solution which allows you to choose once and for all which way you want them?


Hi Gina

Anonymous | | Permalink

Just to be the first to actually answer the actual question, I'l say yes that a button to reverse which woudl have to pressed each time would be be acceptable to me. Mainly because I'm happy with it the way it is so I'd never use it!!

Iwan Evans

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As the one who suggested the user could be given a choice

Jon Stow | | Permalink

(ducks for cover) I think a button would be a very good idea!

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Visibility on posts

Becky Midgley | | Permalink

Hi RogerNeale

You do currently have the ability to 'show the original post', this is shown as a link below 'Submit comment' when you click to reply. However, this only shows the original post, are you saying that you would find it useful to also see all the comments? I'm not sure if it is even possible, but if you think it will be of use then I will certainly find out if it can be done!


All the best
Becky Midgley
Community manager
Sift Media

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Two replies in one, Gina and Becky

RogerNeale | | Permalink

Hi Gina,

As a "stop gap" solution, a button would make perfect sense giving people the choice that seems to be necessary.
I would think that it is much more diffcult to put an option in the user's profile.
My view is that if a button is simple, there's really no need to go any further and make it a "profile" option. However, it would be nice that way.

Hi Becky,

I was referring to the post under which you actually clicked "reply". It's not necessary to see them all but a number of times, over the years that I've been using the service, I've replied to comments made rather than to the original reply. I see no need for a "reply" button under every comment if it's no different, just one reply button at the very bottom would suffice.

This posting is a perfect example. I clicked the "reply" button under your comment but I could only see the original when I was replying. As a consequence, by the time I'd replied to Gina's post, I'd forgotten exactly what you'd said.
So I had to submit it and then come back and edit it.

I hope that makes sense?

Becky Midgley's picture

To RogerNeale

Becky Midgley | | Permalink

That makes perfect sense, and I completely agree with you. I will see if I can get it put on 'the list' - no promises mind!


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In other forum I am on

ACDWebb | | Permalink

Clicking "Reply" inside anothers comment will include that comment as a quote at the start of your reply, which can help clarify what you may be responding to in a long thread. Clicking "Add Reply" at the bottom of the screen (outside anothers comment) just adds a new reply.

If all replies to a thread stay on a single page then having the latest response at the top rather than the bottom saves a lot of scrolling, but I am fairly relaxed on that issue

RogerNeale's picture

Good Point

RogerNeale | | Permalink

ACDWebb, that's a very good point you make I'd forgotten about that one.

I'm surprised that one slipped my mind, I call them "senior moments" but yes, as you say, in other "forums" clicking reply inside a particular response does indeed include that text at the begining of your post. Of course it can be edited as required to make it more meaningful and highlight exactly which bit you're replying to.

Good idea.

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As I have mentioned before....

Richard Willis | | Permalink

Although I intensely dislike the new site it is quite simple to quickly jump to the latest post. Just click CTRL + End to jump to the end, and CTRL + Home to get back to the top.


Button is good

paulwakefield1 | | Permalink

I would welcome having the choice and a button is fine.

If there is a thread I have been following, I may only want to see the most recent responses and it is helpful to have them at the top.

If I am coming to a long thread cold, I would much rather read it in chronological order to follow its development.

Becky Midgley's picture

No promises, but...

Becky Midgley | | Permalink

I can confirm that we are looking into a 'quote' function for Any Answers.

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