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Sorry, it's just a mess

My number one reason for visiting here is Any Answers. This section is now ten times more difficult to use, question or answer. The anonymity issue has never bothered me, but just making things difficult is enough to put me off. The formatting is all screwed up with postings dribbling down the left hand side of the page. And those animated ads just put me right off.

Professional image? I don't think so. More like something from Sky TV, style governing content.

Sorry, but it's highly likely I won't be back.

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Sorry to hear that

Gina Dyer | | Permalink

Sorry to hear you don't like the new layout. We work very hard to make the site as good as it possibly can be and obviously on this occasion we haven't done it in the way you would like.

We are currently putting together a list of 'fixes' based on user feedback and the team is working hard to amend things so that members' preferences are taken into account.

We hope that you will give another chance as we are trying our best to make things better.

Gina Dyer
Deputy editor

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