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Tagging Any Answers questions

Last week, in response to an Any Answers post from mikewhit, we tinkered with the background code to make it possible for members to add their own tags to Any Answers threads, making it possible to develop residual archives around specific topics and to make life easier for people posting general comments about accounting software, CIS and other topics.

Tagging could get out of hand, but in other areas it has helped us to gather related material together, so we thought we'd experiment with the technique to see how much value it adds to your experience of AccountingWEB.

Have a go with the new mechanism and let us know what you think of it. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • When you post a question, you'll still be invited to select a "topic" from a pre-existing list covering tax, business, practice, technology, CPD. There will also be a data entry box for you to type in your own tags.
  • Type the tag slowly - you may find that someone else has already used a similar tag and the system will offer you a selection of similar terms. Choosing an existing tag is more effective than adding your own, new variat - as that creates new pages on the site that no one else will bother viewing. (Stick to your guns if you think your tag is more relevant, maybe it reflects a new way of looking at the issue and will overtake other rival tags as other members use it too).
  • We should be able to display tag "clouds" on the site that will flag up popular topics.

We'll see how the experiment works for a couple of weeks. If the crowdsourced tags massively increase the resources the site uses, or it becomes something that is abused by unscrupulous members, we may need to reconsider its purpose on the site. Your feedback here is an important guide to us on that.

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