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What do you think of our video experiments?

With the profusion of cheaper and better digital cameras and editing tools, it was inevitable that AccountingWEB.co.uk would join the rush to produce multimedia materials. You might already have seen some of the following:

You can also take a look at some of our early, experimental work on the AccountingWEB.co.uk YouTube Channel.

Not everyone has admired our work - "what a complete waste of technology!" was one unkind comment on the Sole Practitioner video. Yes, some of the camera work is shaky and we're learning production and editing techniques as we go along, but we are trying to work out ways in which the new tools could help us provide appealing material that will serve the needs of AccountingWEB.co.uk members. As Gina Dyer explained to our critic: "We obviously want to provide things you're interested in watching, so if you let us know what you'd prefer to see, we can work on it."

Should we continue our experiments? And where should we focus our attention? Would you like to see more talking heads and face-to-face briefings with people such as Rebecca Benneyworth, Finola McManus and the profession's great and good?

And might it be a useful service to do short films of big events, so that members who can't get there can at least get a flavour of what it was like?

And why should the AW editorial get all the fun? Would it be more effective to publish, post and link to videos that members themselves produced?

Your suggestions and critiques will be gratefully received and considered closely by the production team.
John Stokdyk, Technology editor

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Good start

julianshaw | | Permalink

Hi John

I think you should pursue this.

Video is becoming more of a tool for getting information out there. Finola's videos are a particularly good example. They are offering something of real value to the practicing accountant.

I wouldn't worry too much about improving the technical side of things, that will look after itself - it's a case of learning as you go along. The important thing is, viewers won't mind so much. It's the content that matters. Perhaps making the introduction a bit more attention grabbing would work, but that's a minor point.



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