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Why change something that works to this Rubbish ?

Absolute shambles
Navigation is so un-intutitive as to be unuseable. I honestly don't think I can be bothered to post any more. I just feel down about the whole thing.

The scheme is so dated.
Someone needs to be accountable. It's hard to believe a bunch of people could hace sat down at a table and thought this revamp was a good idea.

It would be true style over content if it wasn't so lacking in style.

Out of 10 - honestly - 2.5 (i'm feeling generous)

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Sorry to hear this

Gina Dyer | | Permalink

I'm sorry you don't like the new format. There is a level of adjustment with any change and I think it does take time to get used to it. The old site was in need of updating and we have introduced a lot of new functionality which users didn't have before.

We are listening to members' feedback and we're doing our best to improve things based on what you're all saying but it takes time.

I hope that you will be patient with us and give AccountingWEB.co.uk another chance.

Kind regards,
Gina Dyer
Deputy editor

The Changes

pipper01 | | Permalink

I agree. I've been using Accounting Web for a long time and I really think this is a step backwards. It's difficult to use and not an enjoyable experience. I won't be logging on again to check out any answers - it's just too much like hard work. It's only when absolutely needed for me now!


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