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For nearly 15 years AccountingWEB has been shaped by the interests and suggestions of our users. Several members played a key role in helping refine the latest version of the site, and we are always keen to hear what you have to say. The Drupal system that we share with other Sift Media sites is a standardised system, so we can't introduce too many wacky variants. But where we can find ways to improve it, we will do what we can to make the site work the way you want. 

This is where you come in. If you have any ideas, suggestions or comments about our content, design, features or brand - let us know here, even if it's just to report a broken link or some other minor irritant. As always, we're really keen to hear what you have to say! As an added note, feedback on the community rules and moderation guidelines are fine but please avoid including any material regarding specific cases that may be deemed inflammatory.

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