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Barely had we dusted down the Born Dull?! logo and relaunched the campaign for light-hearted recognition of the profession's hidden talents than the Swindon Advertiser popped up with a heart-rending tale of local (Bristol) boy Michael Strong, the Saffery Champness accountant who composes moody tunes after hours.

The paper falls for all the usual cliches, reporting that Michael "is dispelling the myth of the boring accountant" by launching his own album on iTunes.

They report continues: "By day Michael, 38, works in the office of Clifton accountancy firm Saffery Champness but by night he writes and plays his own music and has just released his first album Kaleidoscope."

The instrumental album draws on all styles and influences and mixes orchestral and electronic instruments to create atmospheric movie soundtrack-style pieces.

Michael has worked in the Clifton office of Saffery Champness for six years and explained, “Music is my creative outlet but it also fits in nicely with my job. It helps to have some background of the industry when dealing with the accounts of people in the business. I enjoy both music and accountancy and although an unlikely combination, the two interests have always been interlinked; in fact, I released my album and began studying for tax exams on the same day! It’s nice to offer an alternative to the usual perception of an accountant; we’re all actually quite fun!”

Give the man a Born Dull?! badge... Our next mission is to track down a copy of the album and start a whole new Born Dull?! music appreciation thread. While we wait, perhaps you tinkle the ivories too, or can share other insights that demonstrate the profession's innate bond with music-making.

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Born Dull?

weaversmiths | | Permalink

Sounds more like an advertisement for Saffrey Champness to me.  Perhaps they wrote the article.

I am involved with a local rock station which transmits throughout May in our local area.  I attempt to extract money from local advertisers to enable us to produce the broadcast; I dont DJ - the station needs young blood, not old dears.   It costs about £6,000 for licences etc.  When I say "rock" we are talking Metallica, Motorhead, Bon Jovi, Slayer, to name but a few plus the newer fellas coming along. Folks may think that dull and boring but its certainly loud(:-).  We raise money for the local Hospice.




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Not Hastings Rock?

petew | | Permalink

Not Hastings Rock perchance?

If not sounds like a very similar set up, good effort!

I did a talk to a local school about accountancy and with a bit of research (looking to intice them with famous accountants, harder than you might thing!) found out that Robert Plant started out as an accounts clerk but gave it up for the love of rock and roll!

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Not Hastings Rock?

weaversmiths | | Permalink

Sure is!  They started out as pirates back in 1993 I think or maybe, individually, even earlier as pirates.  All legit and respectable now.  Quite a few DJs were involved in Caroline when it was still on a ship, in fact one still is - although it is now run from someone's house.  How did you hear of Hastings Rock?  Hubby and I off to see Rush (his choice) in May at the 02. Metallica/Slayer/Megadeth/Anthrax  at Sonisphere in July, hopefully.

One benefit from working from home - you can choose your background sound, at present Maiden  on RockRadio1........ bliss.

TheAncientOne - many a good tune etc etc

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Small World!

petew | | Permalink

I live in St Leonards and have been an avid listener for many years, even have a t-shirt!

Planet Rock is my station of choice generally, my tastes are slightly less heavy more of a Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Kiss kind of level but not sure I could work with it on, too much air guitar potential!!

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I hate you both ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... for living in the most beautiful county in this sceptred isle, I have been trying to get the wife to move down ever since I "discovered" it!

Much though I like Iron Maiden, I couldn't work with that as back ground these days though, prefer something more mellow for working to, although prefer total quiet for the tricky stuff.

Not famous - but inclined towards all things musical . . .

Ray Koshy | | Permalink

Although I do not have a musical claim to fame, I have started piano lessons as an adult - and I am currently preparing for the Grade 3 exam!  I am a member of a choir, and we sing every week at Church.  Apart from that - I once appeared in a Soap-Opera Video with David Grant, the award winning musicical artist.  David was very gracious, but understandably he and I didn't sing a duet on Set!



oh this is exciting

carnmores | | Permalink

havent you watched Americas got talent - they also have an accountant that can really sing (?) - dont you just love AW they can make a song and dance about everything - it takes me back to the heady days of the Embassy club in c 1980 - now that was a blast

anyway back to Topsy Turvy!

Saffery Champness accountant who composes moody tunes after hour

Abacjm | | Permalink

...began studying for his Tax Exams the same day he released his Album?? "Sounds" if you pardon the pun, like he is planning on income from royalties to pay for the cost of the exams! Typical Accountant!

I wonnder if he took "notes" when visiting clients or maybe he attended two many "bars", but solfa so good for the young/middle aged/old accountant! I guess he will still end up as crotchety as the rest of us! Result of years of trumpeting good business practice only to be banjoed by a fiddling Chancellor at each year's Budget!

Conclusion: All Accountants are therefore quite musical - not just those high-fluting ones who deal with big Companies like P&O and Forte!

You want some more of this - or is it all getting a bit like Born Dull??



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