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Is it just me ...

... but does Ed Milliband sound like Finknottle from the Fry & Laurie "Jeeves & Wooster" series.

Since writing this did a Google and it seems I am not the first to notice this :)

Anyway, led me to wondering what other comparisons between public figures and literary/televisual characters have people made?



It's me aswell...

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I've often wondered whether Alistair Darling and Sam Eagle the Muppet are related.

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Of course ...

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... the obvious is Harry Rednap and Droopy

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Danny Alexander - Chief Secretary to the Treasury

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 Someone pointed out he looks like Beaker (the scientist from Muppet Show) and he does - more so every time I see him.


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Thanks for all the contributions...

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Danny Alexander and Beaker - are they related?Many thanks for bringing this up OGA, and everyone else who contributed. We looked into some of the suggestions and came up with a couple of our own to compile a piece entitled Born Dull celebrity lookalikes.

Hope you enjoy it - we couldn't have done it without you.


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Harry redknapp and droopy. lol! That's funny.

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It is!

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