Live Budget 2011 panel from 12.15pm, Wed 23 March | AccountingWEB

Live Budget 2011 panel from 12.15pm, Wed 23 March

If you found any of the information in this discussion group useful, you might also be interested to have a look at the Live Budget panel that will assemble on AccountingWEB at 12.15pm on Budget day and continue until we have to break off and get stuck into the paperwork.

The page will remain live after the event if you want to review the "heat of the moment" exchanges, as well as highlights from the Chancellor's speech and commentary from other Twitter users. You can also track the various announcements via our Budget 2011 index page. If you post an Any Answers question about any of the measures, type "Budget 2011" into the tag box (or in the blue panel on any published question) and it will appear on that page too.

We will be sending out a Budget special newswire on Thursday morning, rounding up what the most important measures will mean for small businesses.

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