What do you think will be the most important announcements? | AccountingWEB

What do you think will be the most important announcements?

In other threads in this group, Rebecca Benneyworth has set out a technical framework for some of the tax proposals that were included in the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition agreement.

To broaden our net, it would be very useful to hear comments, suggestions and analysis from members of this group as we approach 22 June.

As with the Election discussion group, this forum allows us free rein to explore ideas without taxing the patience of those members who take less interest in Budget mechanics. It also provides a useful editorial notebook on which we can base articles for the wider readership.

I would be very interested to hear from members such as "the_fishmonger", who contributed a plea for systematic reform of NICs/PAYE. We're quite keen to draw on the expertise of our members for the wider community's benefit. If some of the topics people raise in this group come to fruition on Budget day, would any members be willing to contribute their thoughts to our subsequent coverage?


Budget predictions

hiu612 | | Permalink

WKH have published an article on our website setting out our predictions for the budget using three key dates:

1) on or around the budget day,

2) at the end of the tax year, and

3) previously mooted but will not get mentioned or will be deferred for at least a year

The article can be found here http://www.wkhca.co.uk/docs/news/EkZuEAlVykSulJDDLO.shtml


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