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The Cloud suppliers' club

There was something of an industry putsch over on the Cloud Business Case thread, which made me think that if the accounting system developers who came to our Business Cloud Summit fringe meeting on 2 December wanted a place to continue their discussions, this is as good a place to do it as anywhere else.

For the moment, this is just a casual thread for you to conduct discussions where you can explore techy and industry issues without having to moderate your terminology for general readers (though I'm sure they can learn a lot from looking in on your deliberations).

One good starting point would be whether this group of active members needs a separate thread of its own. Over to you...
John Stokdyk, Technology editor



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Yes to API/backup and data intechange thread

david_terrar | | Permalink

Hi John,

Steady on - isn't "industry putsch" a bit strong/negative - we weren't trying to overthrow anything....  We were just trying to cut through some of the negativity and lay the business case for SaaS accounting out as clearly as possible.  I have to say, there are a few people on that thread who feel like the same ones we've been arguing with since 2006.  You give them 10 stories, and they find something negative on one of them, and ignore the other 9 good ones.  I can understand why Dennis gets frustrated and heads back to his own place.  However, it does mean we are building up an inventory of answers, links to good documents, and case studies... and that has to be a good thing to help AcountingWEB members investigate and make up their own minds.

Maybe a vendor thread might be useful - not sure really, but please make a seperate thread for the API, backup and data interchange topic.

David Terrar

D2C and WordFrame



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You can create new threads too!

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

Hi David and sorry about "putsch", which was tongue in cheek but inspired by a thread that should have been about the business case for users veering off onto the benefits for developers and a discussion about data exchange standards.

I shuffled together some of the previous business case posts to kick off a new total cost of ownership thread. The other ones that spring to mind immediately (as discussed on Business Case thread) are:

  • Useability
  • Data backup, import/export & standards
  • Cloud case studies & reference library

It's nearly 7.30pm on Friday night and I've had a hectic week - so if you've got the stamina and enthusiasm, go right ahead and start new threads. I will probably also build some other threads around the Cloud Summit material - eg on confronting the Sage/QuickBooks habit; advantages of Cloud apps for business and practitioners; and perhaps a good one to feed back into this thread - "How can Cloud accounting vendors get their message across?"

I look forward to talking over some of this issues on Monday.
John Stokdyk, Technology editor

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New threads!

david_terrar | | Permalink

Hi John,

Maybe you turned somethng on for my profile... I couldn't see how to start new threads before, but now the option is right there - thanks!  Will do.

David Terrar

D2C and WordFrame

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Spread the love

garyturner | | Permalink

John, I'm really struggling to find the will to participate more in here, as every thread seems to get barely a few feet off the ground before being sucked back into the on-premise troll vortex.

Perhaps there should be a discrete on-premise software discussion group - anti-cloud advocates certainly have a lot to say in here - which makes me think they probably need their own place to share their thinking about great innovation and pioneering design in the world of desktop applications.

Either that or rename this group to vendor cage-match. Plus, restricting viewing rights to signed up AccountingWeb members and then permitting them to post anonymously feels odd.

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