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Anybody wants to outsource some accountancy work. I am available. I am ACCA qualified working in a accountancy firm 3yrs experience. I can do year end accounts, tax returns, management accounts, bookeeping and vat returns.

For contact email me at ayaz786amd@gmail.com

i have rate of £5 per hour


So a qualified ACCA is working for less than the adult minimum w

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Wage rate

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Yes, until i will make my own goodwill. And because i locate in Pakistan so it is beneficial for me as well as for my client. professional services at Low cost

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Not wanted

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Try marketing professionally rather than spamming.


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Your valid suggetions are welcomed

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How about posting references from happy clients with contact details so we can check the quality of work?

Marketing of outsourcing services

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 Interesting example this really. Here we have a platform that is easy to access, easy to sign up and easy to use. This means that sometimes it can be used prior to engaging some strategic thought about approaching a target market and engaging with people.

Cloud Technology does help us with outsourcing for sure, and opportunities are there. I have used Odesk.com and continue to use it for some outsourcing of work (not accountancy work).

As an outsource provider have you considered that ?

Has any accountancy firms used Odesk to outsource work ?

Do Cloud Technology/SAAS providers see that they have a place in making outsourcing work ?



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I have one client from Odesk and yesterday from accountingweb. I have three interviews and out of which i get the two both are British Pakistanis and therefore can understand economies of scale. Local british people i observe are strictly reluctant to get services from us. I am working in Uk outsourcing firm in Pakistan so have done lot of work about Uk accounts. Now i want my own clients because i can do work in the same way as anyother ;local bookeeper or accountant.

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