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Richard Messik's new adventures

Members of this group might be interested to hear about Richard's latest move. After a long and distinguished career in practice, he has left Vantis to set up his own consultancy specialising in advising and educating businesses on Cloud computing and helping them to implement new systems. Rather than hear it from me, you can see what he has to say in his latest blog, A new beginning.

The man moves quickly. Shortly after reading his blog, I got a press release announcing "e-conomic bags Messik from Vantis".

The text continued: "Richard Messik, well known for his advocacy of cloud computing and technical innovation within the accountancy profession, will be joining as Advisory Board Chairman.

Messik, who was a partner at Vantis and responsible for establishing the firm’s London Outsourcing Department, was an early adopter of cloud computing solutions and is a well known blogger on the subject. He will work with E-conomic in an internal advisory and development capacity which will include consulting with accountancy practices to assist in the implementation of on line accountancy systems...

Commenting on his appointment Messik said: “I have always been a huge fan of E-conomic and have migrated many clients onto the system.  I’m looking forward immensely to working with the E-conomic team and also developing my own cloud computing consultancy RFM Associates.  These two ventures will allow me to focus on my main areas of interest – and work with people who want to join me in thinking forward – not back!”

Anders Bjornsbo, E-conomic’s co-founder and managing director of UK operations said: “We are proud to be partnering with one of the true pioneers and forward thinkers in UK online accounting. Richard will be an important contributor to our crusade to get UK accountants to appreciate that online accounting is the future!”

* * *

Richard should be congratulated for he astute timing of his exit and for landing on his feet so quickly. I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more from him in the months to come. However his official appointment with e-conomic has caused a little soul-searching at, as the leader of our independent users' discussion group is now in the paid employ of one of the Cloud application developers. We are considering looking for a replacement from within the group but before doing so formally I thought I would consult people here about what they thought.

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Change of group management

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

Although there haven't been howls of protest from any other group members, I've had a word with Richard who acknowledged my concerns. After talking to a couple of other members, I've asked Chris Challis (Challisc) if he'd be willing to take over the role.

Chris describes himself as "cautiously optimistic" about Cloud Computing and already has experience using a cloud application, but has impressed me with the questions he has posed to vendors in this forum. As I see it, the points and conversations Chris has put forward aren't blinkered, old-century thinking and FUD, but an accurate reflection of the concerns of many AccountingWEB members that the industry needs to address.

I look forward to seeing how the group develops under his guidance.

If you have any objections or comments about the switch, feel free to post them here.

Congratulations Richard

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Congratulation to Richard, and best of luck in his new venture.

With his passion and experience I am sure that as an adviser he could bring alot to the table to many organisations.

I look forward to seeing the developments and Richard's contributions.


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Congratulations to Richard, but I wouldn't have changed things

david_terrar | | Permalink

Hi John,

Richard knows how pleased I am that he's made the move to his own conultancy startup, and his role with e-conomic is logical.  They're lucky to have him on board.

On running this group, I wouldn't have changed anything.  Everyone has vested interests of some kind.  e-conomic are a direct competitor to Twinfield, but it wouldn't have bothered me in the slightest to have Richard carry on and steer/mentor the conversations here. 

However, it's done now. I'm sure Chris will do a fine job too.

David Terrar and

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Thanks John

challisc | | Permalink

Thanks John. Right on the money, as always. And thanks @david_terrar, I’ll do my best!

For those who don’t know me I come from a user background through practice and industry - CFO roles, computer audit (what’s now Big4), sales work with an IT reseller/author, plus running my own ICAEW-registered practice and trading businesses. Over many years my experience covers cloud and on-premise systems for entrepreneurial businesses, mid-market and corporate. I therefore hope I can empathise with all positions.

As “positive but cautious”, I see too many SaaS cloud offerings currently as “BIG BENEFITS, BIG RISKS” (BBBR). Like everyone, I want to be able to use cloud solutions and recommend them to others for the undisputed and significant benefits. But I can only do this when the risks in specific situations are down to comfortable levels. I use the cloud for certain functions, but not for others.

I’ve had to mothball a business in a situation where the cloud solution was business critical and had proved too risky (with no better alternative vendor). I told them at the outset we’d have a problem. They assured me it couldn’t possibly happen. It did. That cloud vendor lost all revenue from my business, as did other vendors. So it’s clearly in vendors’ interests to take action where needed.

Business critical is so often the situation. People need to understand the nature of the cloud beast – in my experience it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing – both how to take advantage of the cloud and how to tame it. This forum provides a useful mechanism to do so, on both sides.

By all means be contentious – I will. It stimulates debate and useful responses. But a gentle reminder to everyone in the UK, Europe and beyond about professional etiquette, before anyone oversteps the line.

Do contact me via “Direct Message”, or publicly on the forum, if you’ve got anything to say or ask.

In any case there's plenty of valuable experience around the readership. What would you like to know more about?

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Silent Talking

challisc | | Permalink

Good to see @Richard Messik back commenting, now he has been able to get past the Vantis xxxx-xx.

As an aside, let’s hope it hasn’t damaged the CA brand too much! Inspiring confidence? Who’s going to want to sleep with CAs now?

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