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Cloud Document Management, please give us your feedback



Click2Scan are a specialist document management company, over the years we have undertaken a number of installations in accounts departments and accountants for managing documents and specifically invoices.  We have just completed phase one of a development program we have using an open source cloud document management solution, enabling people to scan, upload and manage documents. We'd love to get your feedback and discussions as to what modifications you feel we should include in phase 2 of our development (we already have a nice long wish list! but are looking for more).


Simply let me know your name and e-mail address and I'll set you up a demonstration version of the solution on one of our servers which will be accessible at the end of the week for a period of a month.





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Click2Scan and Receipt Bank

Michael Wood | | Permalink


Sounds interesting!

Receipt Bank helps many firms of accountants and bookkeepers to gather and process their clients' invoices and receipts. It would be interesting to see if there is merit in integrating our systems?



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RE:Click2Scan and Receipt Bank

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Yes there's always merit in discussing integration with other systems, a number of the next phases of development of the solution will involve integration with other applications/services, cloud based or otherwise.

I've dropped you a message, so lets speak soon.



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