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CRM Cloud Software

I am a relatively newbie to Cloud software but totally sold to the idea. I think i am leaning towards Xero for the Accounting side but want to use a CRM package too.

Does anyone have any ideas on what package to go for?

All I want is a database, somewhere I can scan letters to and also if it could email clients automatically about deadline for vat/year ends.

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Me too, the cloud

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also looking at Kashflow , not looked at this yet

zero, have to go back and look again, can't remember what I thought apart from the transitions from order to invoice looked nice - can't recall if there was transaction import, that's what I would be seeking.

and IRIS enhanced white label version of freeagent (problem is limited transaction import features. no coding etc) - I am tempted by this because of the integration with IRIS (less persuasive) and the inclusion of HMRC deadlines (also seems good from pii point of view). I use IRIS.

posting this wondering if there are any other players?



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Some pointers

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There are a few Xero partner solutions for CRM here And Xero offers transaction importing from a variety of sources, via our API, simple file upload and next month automatic bank statement import from 80 UK banks and financial institutions. Gary Turner Managing Director, Xero UK

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HQ for Accountants

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I know the guys at Selestial are working on interfacing HQ for Accountants (an online CRM/Practice Management system built specifically for accountants) with Xero, so you may have two bases covered there.

They built HQ for my accountancy firm, so I will be happy to demo to anyone interested.

Adrian Pearson

HQ for accountants

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I'd be very interested in something like HQ, but it does rather depend on the pricing structure - the website says £30 per user, but does "per user" mean "concurrent user"? If not I'd find the cost unpalatable.



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