Accountants & Finance Workers Needed 23rd August 6.15pm (London) £70 Cash Incentive

I have worked in accounts for 16 years, and now work for a financial/business intelligence software provider.

 We are launching the next generation management reporting product in September. And would like a small group (maximum 10) toAttend a focus group we are running on Tuesday 23rd August and Wednesday31st August (you can pick which date suits you). The 1 hour sessions willBe held in Central London (Bank tube) and will begin at 6.15 pm. There will bebeer, wine, soft drinks and pizza at the end of the session and we will pay each attendee £70 cash for there opinions. Please note that we only want your feedback to help us launch our new product(THIS IS NOT A SALES EVENT) If interested, please visit and click on"Register For Focus Group" Any questions please email or contact me directly Many Thanks Claudette

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Party time

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Claudette have you been on the bebeer already? :-)

lol It looks like it -

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lol It looks like it - Apologies for the bad layout!!! My cut and paste skills must improve

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