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Ideal world, what accounting application should be?

With so many accounting applications and now cloud based solutions are we losing the plot or is this just another step in the evolution of the way we do business. 

Perhaps the answer is to ask us the accountants and bookkeepers what we would realy like to have in our application. 

All solutions are database driven so why not have the data on-line?

If you had a say in the next evolution of account package, what would you like to have there?

Some areas I am concerned about is having a solution that will be flexible and yet simple to use not only by the professional, but also the Clients.

What are your thoughts on this?


you dont give up easily i'll say that for you

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however you are a bit behind the times these matter have been discussed at length on here for some time

- your previous post actually has some merit for me re the epos posting into say Quickbooks but its the way you tell em that is preventing serious consideration of your points 

New and Help

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 Thank you for your words.


I am new to this web site and I find the content stimulating.

As a practice I always admit when I am wrong, and ask for assistance when possible.

I would like your help on best practice. English not being my main language may make the sentences not clear. But my intentions are to provide information, debate, and not to advertise any one product.


I would welcome any advise, and readings on the best practice on this site. 

I would appreciate your understanding and any efforts in advance.

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Is this just another way to advertise your AccuPos System???

Which part is Spam

Anonymous | | Permalink

 Which part is spam?

Admiting that one needs help is not spam.

Please make me understand.

AccuPOS as you brought it up is not Cloud based.

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Use AccountingWeb as it is meant to be used

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You seem to post to advertise and not to seek help.

I certainly won't be buying anything from you or telling my clients about you.

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