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Letting agency accounts packages


I'm new to this site and am probably not posting in the right place but here goes anyway!

I am a freelance book-keeper mainly specialising in solicitors accounts.  I have recently taken on a local letting agency who were using Quickbooks two years ago and are have now decided to use Sage for last years stuff which I am currently sorting out for them.  They have asked for me to investigate better packages for this year.

My problem is that Sage is not built for this at all and the letting account packages out there seem to only deal with the rental monies and not general/nominal ledgers at all.  I need a package that is edging towards solicitors accounts as it will require Client ledgers (for normal rental monies), Office ledgers (for guaranteed income contracts), Deposit accounts (so these can be kept in track)and, Nominal.  Sage is murky at best and it would be easier (and clearer) to create all the accounts on Excel. 

Does anyone know of a good package that consolidates both aspects of the business rather than running two systems (LetMC for clients & Sage for business) which require twice the amount of time?






are they mad

carnmores | | Permalink

why they would want to change from a package that does the job to one that doesnt is staggering

anyway this is posssibly the answer http://rentpro.co.uk/


LetMC & Xero

gsgordon | | Permalink

We use LetMC, which is great, and Xero 's cloud accounting system, also great. We don't really have a problem with having two systems - both being online/cloud is a bonus. We like the fact that Xero is a "proper accounting" package and LetMC specialises in all aspects of the letting business.

PS: we have no axes to grind.


Rob Newton | | Permalink

We have adapted this using VT with its ability for multi-departments and multi-ledgers creating individual lettee a/c under seperate Property (cusatomer) ledgers.  Not only in doing this we can give tailored property income statements to landlords, but also run rent books for each individual renting.  We use a seperate VT book for each landlord and manage their portfolios within that.  We find that we can easily determine rental deposits and deposit repayments with ease - especially where a multi-let happens in one property such as a student let.

Our clients are all chuffed to bits as their previous accountants struggled a little on certain reconciliations.

 Also advantage of VT mans that we go straight into the final acc prep!!

Good old VT

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