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Looking for Accounts production and taxation software

Hi all,

This question has probably been asked a million times before, but can anyone reccommend a cost effective software solution for my practice.

I am looking for software to produce and file accounts and tax returns for up to 5 limited companies, a couple of patnerships and up to 25 sole traders.

I am pretty cost conscious at the moment as I've only just started up, but would rather get it right first time than keep spending small amounts on 'cheap' software.

Has anyone got any suggestions?

I have seen a trial version of tax calc which looks OK and have looked at VT for accounts production.  I've also considered Sage which would only cost me about £50 more than taxcalc and VT to get up and running.

All comments welcome guys!


Thanks in advance




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Wrong forum

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You are welcome to take a look at ours - but I think you have posted this in the wrong forum -- if you are after cloud stat. accounts and tax you will probably have a while to wait. We have a cloud version of our tax but is limited in fucntionality.

David Forbes



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Yes, sorry, will repost elsewhere!



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