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Why do you NOT want to use cloud application?

What would be your concerns to migrate to cloud if your accounting software vendor has a cloud version? or any other business application, e.g. CRM, HRMS, or even Office suite.

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easy: risk to my/the business.

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"mission critical" means not placing one's existence in someone else's hands; especially if their attitude is "outages happen".

The most common problem I see across the cloud is that we are all just small numbers, not important as individuals or as businesses, even skype is paying out a mere one dollar per user as recompense for its recent outage.

All the support sites I see have users screaming for help and being left for dead; a business can die in days, yet support comes back nine months later or whatever it is.

Even paying for it makes no difference, so the "what do you epxect for free?" argument fails and anyway, "free"? I don't think so.

The above are reasons why I will not place reliance on google docs, as just one example.

David and Goliath is how I see the problem, except David has no stone yet for his sling.

A thought" what happens when HMRC raids a cloud accounting site and takes away all the computers when after the records of one client? Have they said they won't? And in any case ... that's my 2p.


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My remark about outages happening pertained to the fact that nothing is 100% reliable, whether that's a cloud based software application or the London underground. If you interpreted that as my being casual about the importance of reliability, then I'm sorry I wasn't clearer - the truth is that cloud application vendors are held to a much higher standard than others because they own not only the responsibility for developing the application, but also its availability.

The reality is that outages among reliable (that qualifier is important) cloud apps are so rare that it ought not to be an material concern when weighing up the virtues of placing your trust in a good cloud app.

What I took issue with was the premise of the Skype thread where someone equated the fact that a free app like Skype had gone down and that this circumstance should somehow automatically confer some fundamental flaw on all cloud application providers. Couldn't be farther from truth.  


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Skype is NOT free

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I have been paying Skype for many years.


And I also paid for my Skype phone number.


According to Skype, the outage was due to a software bug.  I wonder how other cloud providers avoid software bug.  And it is not just Skype.

Hotmail users lost their email message and Hotmail has premium services that we have to pay as well.


How about Intuits Online outage?  It is a fee based accounting package.


Have you heard about Google Apps outage due to a server bug?


Anyone needs more examples on cloud outage?

Skype is NOT free and it was not the only cloud outage!

-- Regards,

Andrew Chan.

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SMB can have huge benefits from cloud

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I have worked with some SMB who have to reboot their email server (and other servers as well) virtually every week and they don't have any security hardware / software to protect their IT infrastructure.  Migrating to cloud would give them:

- much better security, uptime

- less maintenance cost

- more scalable

But as a professional IT consultant, I feel it is my responsibility to tell them that the negative side of cloud computing and help them to mitigate any unnecessary risks.  It is our professional ethnic!

-- Regards, 

Andrew Chan.

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As mentioned on the other thread, skype is a peer to peer network - with all software installed on users PCs. You can call it cloud if you want but it is completely different from SaaS software. There was a bug in a particular version of the software that many people downloaded and installed on their PCs that caused the peer to peer network to fail. Fixing the bug did not help because they could not prompt people to update the faulty software they had installed on their PCs. How is this like any SaaS product ? It is much more like traditional on premises software.

As for hotmail, again, are you just scaremongering ? Email is a client/server setup with mail stored on mail servers. Most users of hotmail, gmail and yahoo mail use a web based "cloud" email client. However a minority use a desktop client such as outlook. The recent hotmail problems which affected approx. 0.000001 of their user base (a few hundred out of 360 million) and not just those not using the web client but those using desktop client software such as outlook.

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Let's move on from generalities

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I say Skype is free, you say it isn't. The usage specifics are around 10% of all Skype usage is Premium users who incur a fee, the rest is free. In my book, 90% free is pretty free.

As a professional I have ethical responsibilities, too, and the fact that I'm a cloud advocate or a vendor representative ought not to diminish nor negate the comments I make here. Nor should it stop me from speaking up when I professionally disagree.


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This is why I am here

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Hi Gary,

I like to have professional discussion with people like you who don't 100% agree with my comment.  We may not agree the same definition of cloud computing but I treasure every comment that you all made.

I am also a cloud advocate but I use it with care!  My email address is also from hotmail (with my own domain name) but I use Outlook to save a copy of all my critical email to my local computer.

-- Regards,

Andrew Chan.

[email protected]

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Personally ...

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... I think at present cloud accounting packages are over-priced and way behind the desk based competition in terms of value per pound spent, and for larger volumes of transactions inputting is woefully slow

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