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What makes accountants great?

In recent months, I've written about accountants 'celebrating their assets', identifying what we are good at as well as what we enjoy about our jobs. Now it's your turn.

I'd like you to share your own views on this subject. Refer back to my previous articles, Beancounter to Liontamer and Accountants aren't boring for some inspiration.

But let's get celebrating...where does the typical accountant really excel over other professions? What business activities get you into 'flow'? What makes the job all worthwhile? (Just keep it clean please!)

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CIMA's president said....

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I spoke to CIMA's president, Aubrey Joachim a few weeks ago and I asked him this very question. He praised accountants' ability to analyse situations and their canny knack of being able to interpret financial information and then present it to decision makers in a way that makes sense to them. (I'm paraphrasing, but that's the gist of what he said).

He was really keen for accountants in business to rebrand themselves as finance business partners, a title he thought better reflected their role as facilitators and advisors.

Does anyone else agree? Do you think of yourself as a trusted advisor in business?

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