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Any IRIS CoSec software users here?

In our IRIS practice software discussion group, Malcolm Veall asked if other users were affected by the following issues with IRIS CoSec:

1. Company Formations only  "short form" CA2006 model articles are supported, (replaces Table A). Malcolm preferred to use long form to ensure there was a complete record of clients' cosntitutions.

2. Written Resolutions - there is no facility in CoSec to raise a written resolution, (as specifically allowed for by CA2006), rather one can only raise a minute of a meeting.

I've alerted Malcolm to the existence of this group, so he should see any answers you post here. But if you are an IRIS user, he and others might benefit from your suggestions - and I'm sure IRIS will also be paying close attention to your comments.
John Stokdyk, Technology editor

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Iris Company Formations

aiwalters | | Permalink

Has anyone else noticed that the Bank Account openings through Iris Formations and A1 doesn't work due to the Companies Act 2006 abolishing requirement for share capital?


All has to be done manually by fax


Plus, Share certificates are required which are not produced in Comp. Formations.


Plus the spelling mistakes in the Mem or Arts


And the non-intuitive Full Voting Rights


I still use Iris though

Iris annual return problems?

Anonymous | | Permalink

anyone had the following problems with iris co sec and annual returns:

1.  Where there are joint shareholdings and the list runs into a few pages the last page is not printed out?  I was told to edit the document manually using the pdf viewer but it took a couple of mins to get the viewer to change to an editable state and then crashed co sec whenever I tried to save the edited document or print it out.  This affected v10.0 and v10.1

2. On v10.1 the full forenames of the director or secretary are now bunched together eg Alan John is now AlanJohn.  You need to go into view client and put an extra space in the get it spaced correctly when printing the AR - don't know how this will affect an efiling though.


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