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Companies Act 2006 - has it affected you?

Hi there,

As you will probably know the Companies Act 2006 had its final implementation last week.  I would be interested in hearing members views on this.  Has the new Act impacted on your working life?  In general do you think the Act is a good idea?   Has the Government's aim of simplification been achieved?  Do you feel up to speed with the new changes or still not too sure what it's all about?

Look forward to hearing from you.


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652 drama 1

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thanks to P Pat taking his entitlement to (you choose) strike action against the oppressive management on their bloated salaries attacking the serfs just trying to do a days work / outrageous assault on the rights of people to have post delivered on time.....

a 652 i sent to coho took over a week to get overseas (wales), so it hit their in-tray on 1st oct (so they allege), so they have rejected the form with the most unhelpful letter i have seen for aaages, even from them. it does not even say what the problem is, aren't they sooo luvvverly.

Interestingly if i had posted it ot coho london, it could have arrived on 30th but they do not do any work in london, so it would have sent it on the overnight dray to cardiff to be processsed on 1st october, and apparently that is ok.

i just love a confluence of nit-pickers - lawyers/civil servants.



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"simplification"? huh

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the only thing i can see is binning the archaic requirement for a Stat dec in front of a solicitor on a few forms - remind me what else is going to transfer the quality of my life......




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banks are n ot aware

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Banks still don't realise that a stat. share capital is now abolished, and for every company I now form without one, the banks get edgy as to why not, and won't open accounts.

I'm working with Barclays to change their stat. requirements.



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