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New Companies House forms


I'd be interested in finding out what views practitioners have of the new Companies House forms?  Are these causing difficulties or in general do you feel that they are simpler to use. ?

Thanks Monica



Companies House forms

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 I would say there seems to be a much larger number of forms than there were previously.  There is however a good list on the Companies House website which sets out the forms, give the CA96 reference number and also where applicable the number of the old CA85 form.

The forms seem to be much longer.  If you send a paper annual return out to the client for signature it can be at least 14 pages long compared to the old one which might have 4 or 5 pages in length.

The annual return now requires a statement of rights attributable to shares.  Where you have more than one class of shares with differing rights it might be difficult to accurately summarise the rights in the space provided.  I had thought of just copying and pasting from the articles until I found out I had run out of space.  There is only room apparently for 4000 characters including spaces not that much if you have different rights in respect of votes, dividends, capital participation etc.  I was told by our software provider Companies House would be helpful in giving guidance as to what should be reported but I have not found this to be the case.







Voting Rights appearing in annual returns

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The previous post stated that their software supplier had said that Companies House would provide assistance with the wording of the "voting rights" section of a new style Annual Return (AR01).

My company produces PC Share Register Plus, company secretarial software, and our understanding from detailed discussions and meetings with Companies House is that Companies House will not offer any guidance whatsoever with regard to the wording to be used, except to say that it must represent what is contained in the articles and cannot just refer to the articles (eg. it cannot say "As per articles.").

There has been so much confusion with regard to this matter that we have produced a guide on our website at:

Ian Burgess


Companies House Forms, saveable electronic forms

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My company, Evenlogic, operates a web site that allows registered users to fill in online government PDF forms and save working copies to their personal area on the web server which they can then retrieve later for further work. The approach allows forms to be circulated, checked, updated, emailed and filed easily and submitted manually when ready.

We have commenced deploying some of the new Companies House forms to the site. Associated with both the annual return form (AR01) and the application to register a company form (IN01) are sets of continuation forms. One of these, titled “AR01 – continuation: Statement of capital (Voting rights)” should resolve the issue of there not being enough space to summarise the voting rights.

We are in the process of deploying more of the new forms to the site. Any comments or preferences as to which forms should be given the greatest priority would be much appreciated. 

John Jarvis

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Hi John, does your site deal only in PDF copies of the forms, or does it also let you file them electronically with Companies House via XML?


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Hi mookgirluk,

Thank you for your response. The myforms site deals only in PDF copies of the forms. It is not XML-based and, at the moment, does not support filing electronically with Companies House, although of course Companies House have their own electronic webfiling service.

Evenlogic’s eforms technology, on which the myforms site is based, does, however, support electronic submission of data and this feature is used on some of our other eforms sites. In due course, we may incorporate this into the myforms site for Companies House forms and other government forms but would first need to deal with and reach agreement with the government departments concerned on issues such as data formats, protocols and the handling of signatures.

John Jarvis

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