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Rejected company accounts

Can you get a situation where accounts are not rejected immediately, but for some defect discovered later on ?

My main reason for asking is now there is no 14 day period of grace, some pretty horrific penalties could result if they were thrown out some months later.

I hasten to add that we dont have a problem with this at the moment, it is just a hypothetical question to satisfy my curiosity!




Check out Companies House guidance and 'Registrar's Rules'

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"6. Does registration of a document not properly delivered cancel out any requirement to deliver it properly?

No. The fact that the registrar has accepted and registered the document does not mean that the company or LLP has complied with the original requirement to deliver it. As a result the obligation to file the document continues and any liabilities that arise from not doing so still apply. The registrar may decide to take further action after registration - for example, if a third party points out that it has not been properly delivered and does not comply with the statutory obligations. In such cases the registrar may write to the company or LLP asking them to deliver a replacement document, along with a RP01 or LL RP01 covering form, that complies with the requirements of proper delivery. If they deliver a replacement document with the appropriate RP01 or LL RP01, the registrar may then remove the original. If they do not respond, he can send a notice to them giving them 14 days to file a document that complies with the requirements for proper delivery."

I'm not sure whether Companies House would still impose the fine if a correct replacement were sent within 14 days of the notice, but after the filing deadline.

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Rejected accounts

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I think you will find that once the accounts are accepted on to the company register, they cannot be rejected.


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Rejected accounts

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Sorry Ian,

I've just realised you had answered this query in a much more concise way.


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