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 Can anyone give me any advice on appealing against a CIS fine. My client didn't submit his NIL return last month. Is there likely to be any point in appealing the fine and if so what reasons are considered acceptable. 


CIS appeals

wblewis | | Permalink

It is certainly worth a try and I have had some success recently. HMRC are being very quiet about some problems they appear to be having reconciling online and paper returns from the same source. I also have doubts as to the way the ongoing nil report system is working.

Somebody may try to argue that there is a serious inconsistency in their penalty regime as some types of nil report (not CIS) they tell you not to submit.  

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thacca | | Permalink

I have sucessfully appealled a number of fines for clients (and one forgotten by myself - oops) where the return was late.

Appeal Wording

Vanessa | | Permalink

How did you word the appeal - just that you forgot?



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