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NIL Return Fine Appeal Rejected - any suggestions?

A NIL return was late I appealed but was turned down. Any reason must be that it was outside of my control. Any suggestion as to what might work?

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NIL returns for CIS - appeal against penalty rejected

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I have just had the same problem except that it was not a nil return but it was sent off in good time. They have not answered my questions as to what date they DID receive the return and I have informed them iI will take it to the First Tier Tribunal ( and pay the costs myself) as I am sick to death with wasting time with them and all their spurious penalties and my time appealling them.

Every year I must make 10-20 appeals against late receipt even those I file on line!!

I believe the CIS have just lost a similar case so I will use that if needs be if it goes to Tribunal.

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