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Self employment proposals - don't panic

People, let's calm down. Look at the HMRC response again.

They could not say, there isn't a problem, as that would repudiate what they have been saying for years - which is how long they have been searching for a solution.

So they have to say that there is still a problem and they are definitely going to do something. But not yet (insert plausible reason).

They cannot define plant. Not a cat in hell's chance. Provision of materials was never going to be a starter. VAT registration? oh, please. That's just an extension of the CIS4 argument.

The response has been complied in a formal manner, though with the usual biased-towards-the-house cherry-picking of the arguments that suit them. In reality, there are far fewer status inspectors than were originally promised, and people in HMRC with CIS knowledge are being redeployed. Who is going to be daft enough to sanction such a gung-ho policy without the right intelligence? (sit down, Mr Blair, I wasn't talking about you)

Noise and threats. Same old.


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short of money

johnjenkins | | Permalink

Tell that to Mr Brown when he runs out of money. He will hit the self-employed whatever way he can.

Government Proposals

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We're supporting this petition against the has close to 2,000 industry names

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