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Desperately in need of some guidance with Vixen software {Accounts elements}

Just started a new job where my employers use Vixen for Estimating/Job Costing/Accounts. A search on Accountingweb shows one thread [any answers] from 2008 where 3 posts indicated I am not alone in being absolutely lost in their interface.

The Helpdesk people say "It's not help you need it's training" - and that is expensive, so if there is anyone out there who knows how to fly this software I would be very greatefull fr some pointers


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Training is a worthwhile investment

jimeth | | Permalink

I work for another software provider - nothing to do with Vixen.  Trying to support untrained users is very difficult.  In the end the users are unsatisfied as they only manage to work out how to use a percentage of the features that they could really benefit from.  This dis-satisfaction sometimes ends with the much more expensive replacement of the software.

Consider training as an investment that could be well worthwhile both for you as an individual in improving your skills (and making your working day easier) and for your company in realising the benefits of the software which they have purchased.

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