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Welcome to the Data Security discussion Forum.

I intend this discussion forum to be the place where users can discuss and develop best practice in data security, backup and recovery. I have come across many horror stories over recent months where clients have lost all of their critical business data and not maintaind a back up routine.

I hope to highlight common problems as well as exploring current trends and services that are available.

Please feel free to post any data security and IT hardware problems that you may be having and, hopefully, this discussion group will produce the answers.

Without client data we won't have any work to do!


Barry Cunliffe

Cunliffe Consulting Ltd


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Data Security

petergill | | Permalink

This is becoming an increasingly high profile area with the Data Protection Officer being given greater powers to ensure the protection of data under the Data Protection Act.

There are many issues to consider from the theft of data to the loss of data in error.  Data theft is a major area with the availability of very inexpensive storage devices and the lack of protection of data by businesses.  Data loss is high risk as many businesses have failed to adequately back-up their data.

There are a number of solutions coming to market to deal with both areas.  As an adviser you can support your clients objectives of aiming to prevent theft and loss.  If any member is interested in finding out more about minimising the risks associated with the theft of data, drop me an email to [email protected] and I'll be happy to share information with you.

I work with businesses providing information and solutions in the data security area and will share any relevant information in this discussion group, again contact me for the full details as often there's far too much to post here.


[email protected]


Data security - PCI DSS

Sanja Kalik | | Permalink

Does anybody has experience with achieving PCI DSS coplience certificate and could you share your experience around this process? I work for an arts centre and we are dealing with online, telephone and direct payments and we will need to demonstrate high level of security in regards to customer credit card data. I know that requirement has changed from 1st October 2009, specially if payments are made via Visa cards, process of accreditation is costly and complex and could have potential serious effects on businesses. 

I would sencerelly your views.

Directors Dividends

Anonymous | | Permalink

Hi All,

I am in the middle of trying to make a claim for child maintenance from my ex partner. The problem is  he is a director of his own company and as such does not have to go through PAYE with his wage as he takes them as dividends. This is making it very hard to work out what his income is based upon his PAYE as it is ridiculously low and he won't declare his actual dividend amount to the CSA. I believe as from 2007 it is not necessary to declare directors dividends on annual returns. If this is the case how is one supposed to work out what their actual take home pay was?  Is there a way of doing it or is it a matter of data protection and the amount is private and confidential. In which case any person not wanting to support their children is much better of being self employed!

Many thanks,








Reply - data security thread

ClintonW | | Permalink

Hi Peter,

My name is Clinton Walker I run my own company in the data security arena.  I am new to this site so apology for contacting you in this manner.  I would like to learn more about what you do based on what you said in your email above/below.  


Many thanks

Clinton Walker

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