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Hot Spots part 2

A quick update on the hotspots question. If you check the blog "Your business, your future" you will see a piece penned by me referring to reasons to be cheerful...part 3. Why, because the last two people I met with referred to it (I thought for a moment one was going to give me a rendition but he stopped himself in the nick of time).

The FD of a fire & security business (hotspots - they try to prevent them!) and the Partner in a medium sized firm of accountants both said the same thing, three new pieces of work/clients/customers in rapid succession following a pretty difficult couple of months.

Hot spots - retail businesses growing again, restaurant businesses expanding again, telecoms and energy businesses. No doubt there are others (let's hope there are others) energy didn't surprise me but retail and restaurants did. Telecoms, now there is a sector where ever present change is leading to smaller hardware vendors looking at other services (to rival the BT's of this world) and looking for significant growth.

Where are your hot spots? Have you identified and targeted the sectors you want to operate in, the business size/type within those sectors and do you have a plan/strategy to go after them?

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