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Winners & Losers

Following the weekend where Jensen Button became the second Brit in a row to win the F1 title, Liverpool were beaten 1-0 by Sunderland and a 'dodgy' goal, we recognise that there are always winners and losers in sport.

So, in business, where did you win and lose this year?  It's been a challenging year and as it draws to a close and you start to evaluate the results, will you have won more than you lost?  Did you keep score at all or do you leave that to the pundits?

In business, as in sport, there's a great deal at stake so tell us about your success stories and if you feel really brave, some of the 'losses' and what you learned from them.  It would be great to think that we could win all the time, however, given that's simply not true, what lessons will you take away from the 'ones that got away'!?

One of my wins was with a new client who initially wanted to put a training programme for Managers together and after discussions decided to roll a programme out to Directors first, then Managers and finally the staff with management potential.  This proved to be a great win for the client as the whole management team benefitted from working together to develop the skills and expertise.

I've had to learn from 'losses' too - one from a prospect whom I was sure I would win, however, the decision was taken to engage a different consultancy partner based on 'historic relationships'.  The lesson I have learned is to remain patient as I have heard feedback that the engagement has not yet produced the expected results and there may be an opportunity in 2010.  It's sensible to leave the door open and to check from time-to-time whether the prospect is prepared to review the decision.

I'll throw it open to you all to share with the group and we can all learn from the experiences from this memorable year.


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Following more tales recently of sporting triumphs, Velentino Rossi was crowned MotoGP champion for the ninth time in 2009 and Sebastien Loeb won the World Rally Championship in 2009 for the sixth time, how have you performed in 2009.  How consistent have you been over the years?

If you have started to assess the year and have noted the wins and losses, how does it all compare to previous years?  If you have had more than your fair share of wins then how are you going to maintain the consistency in the future?  If you have lost more than you have won, what lessons have you learned to improve performance next year?

if it all seems a little disconnected from the world of business then think about the time you spend practising your favourite sport and the time you spend refining your client acquisitio process as an example.  When you have a poor round at golf then you probably go and practice on the putting green or driving range before the next round.  Do you ever follow the same self-analysis process when it comes to developing your business or your people within the business?

Rossi and Loeb have proven themselves to be consistent, to be business, can you say the same yet?

I'll leave it with you to share the wins and losses from 2009.


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