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Paperless Office - It can be a reality!

We know that some companies find going paperless a little daunting - and some think its not entierly possible. Lindenhouse Software have taken Document Management to another level by creating a intuitive solution helping you save time, money and storage space. You'll find everything you need on your computer, exactly where you need it.

Lindenhouse Software have been providing Document Management systems to over 1800 clients amongst 22 different market sectors! With our expertise in work flow management, data capture and document management we provide full end to end integrated solutions whatever the size or budget of the requirement and believe our price performance to be second to none.

I'm new to accounting web - and I'm trying to help anyone understand the unanswered questions regarding document management! Going paperless can be a giant step into making your office a better enviorment to work in! By reducing over heads, you can save on time, money space, and stress! 


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PaperLess Accounting - Reality indeed

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Hi Gemma,


Indeed it is a reality I agree.

Apart from the time saving in being able to locate documents easily, share them with your colleagues and clients and create workflows to track progress of internal and external documentation there are a few other aspects that are useful for accountants.

Full integration with your accounting solution means that you can use automatic invoice recognition to reduce manual data entry for book keeping tasks.

Secure RemoteAccess means sharing transactions and documents with clients, or clients sharing them with you, to make both you and your clients lives more efficient, and your fees more profitable.


-- Accounting the PaperLess way™




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What will companies do with the original doc once scanned and stored on their PC?

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document scanning

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Hi Vic,

It is up to the client what they want to do with their original documents and files. We can either shred it in a secure manner or we can store it in our secure storage warehouse. Most clients prefer for the documents to be shredded and recycled as there isn't a need for them anymore. 


Hope that answered your question :)



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