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Election night results - live feed

It's getting down to the wire in one of the most intriguing elections for generations and we've teamed up with BusinessZone.co.uk to run an election night results feed.

Like the mainstream media, we've got an expert panel in tow, but our contributors will provide an accountancy and business point of view on proceedings. We're also hoping that members of this discussion group will join us on the night to share your views on the results.

I'll be playing the role pioneered by the late Robert McKenzie, the Canadian psephologist. His Swingometer may not be sophisticated enough to handle the three-way race that is now taking place, but I'm hoping to be able to predict the outcome from monitoring the fortunes of what I'm calling the Accountancy Party - the 50 or so candidates with links to the profession. I reckon about 20 of them have a good chance of being elected and I think watching how their seats fall will provide a good indication of what happens across the country.

I'm working on the analysis now - you'll have to tune in on Thursday night to find out whether my theory holds firm once the votes start getting counted.

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Who to watch on the night

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

I've completed my analysis and drawn up my pre-electoral race card for the likely winners. Out of the 49 accountants we identified, I reckon around 20 have a good chance of winning:

  • 15 Conservatives
  • 4 Lib Dems
  • 2 Labour

And yes, I can add up - it's just that some of the sitting MPs (including Labour's Sarah McCarthy-Fry and Mark Foster) are at risk of losing their seats. A few Tories fall into that category too, including David Heathcoat-Amory. He's been an MP since 1983 and was a minister in John Major's government and shadow Treasury secretary under William Hague. But he fell out of favour with subsequent Tory leaders and his campaign has been conducted against the backdrop of some £29,700 in reapaid expense claims, including one for manure for his garden.

He was always responsive to our queries, so even if voters in Wells desert him, we'll miss him when he's gone.

The most fascinating people to watch out for in the Live election results feed will be some of the Lib Dem outsiders. If the Clegg effect holds firm - as our latest online poll suggests - accountant-candidates like Derek Deedman (Arundel & South Downs), Karen Hamilton (Birmingham Perry Barr), Julian Tisi (Windsor) and Satnam Kaur Khalsa (Hayes & Harlington) all have a chance of winning.

That would definitely put us into hung parliament territory, with the surprising possibility of Lib Dems overtaking Labour as the second largest party.


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I think that Cleggy and DC should form a coalition anyway. Not do dodgy deals but a proper sit down, well thought out Government. I think its what the majority of the electorate want. Tomorrow we will all know.

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