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Just for fun - chop or not?

I just played this game devised by the team behind the Channel 4 website, I had a lot of fun doing it but it also made me think about what really matters to me, so I thought today was a great time to post it here.


I cut GBP 32bn and apparently I made the most cuts in police services.  Let us know your results if you dare!

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Some unlikely either/ors

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

An enjoyable and occasionally illuminating exercise, Becky - I got my deficit down to £38.7bn (I think).

But some of the choices were a bit unfair - either the pensioners get it or the disabled... I reckon there should have been a "can I stop now please, I can't bear it anymore" option.

But then the quiz told me I was a pacifist if not an outright commie. It was also frightening how many schools, hospitals and military programmes you could axe and still not make a significant dent in the deficit. As I said, I didn't like some of the choices, but it fufilled the criteria of a good game by providing some entertainment and a pause for sober reflection.

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that was quite unpleaseant, I only managed to cut 4%. However there were lots of questions not asked about where would you cut, hospital managers would be among my first choice along with QUANGOs particularly the exam one!

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I told you it might make you think a bit...

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Thanks for having a go and joining in folks! I too was disappointed at times by the limited choice, so I ended up (on more than one occasion) cutting something which ordinarily I wouldn't dream of, but like I said, it was a bit of fun with some serious undertones.

And I rather posted it here in the hopes that we could get some juicy ideas flowing about how we really would make cuts (in spite of the responses we gave in the quiz).

I'll not even pretend to convince you that I know anything about how to fix the economy et al, but one thing is clear, tomorrow stands to be a fairly important day for us all, and I'm looking forward to marking my 'X'.

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I decided to keep all spending on the Army - I'd need them to stop the riots when I cut everything else.

Social workers got a pasting from me (busy bodies),

No spending on global warming - after all increased temperatures reduces cold weather payments.

And definitely get thos buses off the roads - as Jeremy Clarkson says, why do poor people need to travel.

Did I get the defecit down - not a lot, but who would be thinking about defecits with the riots to worry about :)

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johnjenkins | | Permalink

I came out a pacifistic commie.

Don't know what to put in the empty swimming pools. The weathered housing perhaps or the buses but better still (you'll like this WD) GB and his cronies.

I don't know whether you all know but BIGOT probably stands for Brown Is Going On Thursday.

Can't wait for new threads on Friday.

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Roman games?

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Couldn't we take a leaf out of the Roman's methods.  Keep the masses quiet by filling the swimming pools with lions - then throwing Brown. Harmen & co in ?

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painful end

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lions mmmmm, actually far too quick!

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