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Naomi Smith (Lib Dem), Cities of London & Westminster

The Liberal Democrat candidate for the Cities of London and Westminster is a high flyer of particular interest to AccountingWEB, as her pre-campaign occupation was as head of research for CIMA. Born in London, Smith lived in Northern Ireland between the ages of 10 and 18 and first got into politics as a scholarship student at Methodist College Belfast. She was selected for Arthur Andersen’s graduate programme during her gap year and sponsored by the firm through her economics and politics degree at Leeds University.

On graduation she joined Deloitte’s corporate tax department and after taking a postgraduate diploma in Chinese (Mandarin) and Business, she left accountancy for HSBC in Shanghai. On her return to the UK joined CIMA as head of research and acts as the institute’s spokesperson on China. With a strong commitment to social justice, her campaign will highlight the failure of the government to reduce the gap between the rich and poor (particularly evident in the City of London and Westminster) and the need for electoral reform.

Tax justice is another personal and party priority. “Tax should be fair,” she says. “It currently isn't because the poor pay a much larger percentage of their incomes in tax than do the rich. Under the Lib Dems no one would pay tax on their first £10,000. We would close loopholes currently exploited by those who can afford to turn income in to assets by equalising CGT with income tax. We would also tax polluting activity to incentivise people to use alternative energy and green transport.”

Being a qualified accountant is an advantage, she explains: “This election is all about spending and being able to read a balance sheet is certainly helpful when you are seeking to represent the City of  London. I can talk to business in their language on their terms.”

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tax justice

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this lady sounds like my sort of candidate, at last a new voice on the 'tax justice' scene, Richard Murphy and John Christensen should be pleased. I and many colleagues have been bleating about the silly tax entry point for years it is iniquitous that people earning under £10000 should pay any income tax. Although we have had a government masquerading as labour they have never been 'socialist' ,  and in the present economic climate we need real socialists with principles.

Perhaps we could also have a parliament of MPs who do not have 'outside' interests in big business, so there cannot be any risk of conflicts of interest.

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